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Press Release:
March 11, 2008
Contact: Katy Miller, PFD Executive Director
(570) 784-5770 ext. 124 Fax: (570) 387-8135

PFD Holds Annual Meeting in Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia Premier Floral Distributors held their annual Spring Meeting in Medellin, Colombia, during the last week of February 2008. Twenty-five members attended the five-day event.

Members toured many high quality flower farms in the Rionegro area, learning more about how those farms grow and ship their flowers as well as how future partnerships could be advantageous for both. In addition, the PFD members met with over 30 farms from Colombia and Ecuador at a private PFD-only trade show at Club Campestre in Llanogrande.
This year’s show and tours marks the first event in the Medellin area for PFD. In previous years PFD has held the private shows in Bogota, Colombia and Miami, FL.

During the trip, PFD members and representatives from many farms enjoyed social events such as golf outings; touring the historic city of Medellin by bus; and a spirited horseback tour of the beautiful Rionegro countryside.

“The trip to Medellin was very valuable” remarked Don Hermes, Hermes Floral Company, who is currently the President of PFD. “Members were able to build stronger relationships with farms they are currently doing business with as well as find new business partners. We learned more about Medellin’s history, culture and its people. A win-win for all!”

Premier Floral Distributors is a cooperative group of wholesalers that have been working together since 1997 to import direct from farms, source floral products, facilitate logistics and share resources in order to become more successful. Member companies include: Baisch & Skinner, St. Louis, MO; Dillon Floral Corporation, Bloomsburg, PA; Flowers Central, Daytona Beach, FL; Hermes Floral Company, St. Paul, MN; Montgomery Wholesale Florists, Hadley, MA; Seagroatt Floral Company, Albany, NY; and Encore Floral Marketing, Walker, MI.