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Benefits of PFD Membership

Members of Premier Floral Distributors have benefited from the group in a variety of tangible and intangible ways. The current members of PFD list the greatest benefit of the group as the exchange of information and ideas among members and how that information exchange has helped each one improve their business.


Rebate from Florist Mutual Insurance based on individual member premiums. Past years have seen $20,000-$30,00 rebates to the group - divided amont eh members who use Florist Mutual accordingly

Assistance of coordinators to find information, help source product, logisitics planning, and troubleshooting.

Private training session for all PFD members, buyers and seles teams; some past events have been held featuring a mjor national speaker. Past speakers/topics include Al Bates on Profit Planning and Ann Phillips (Blanchard Group) on Who Moved My Cheese. Interactive sales training at annual summer meeting, typically hosted by a member.

Networking among buyers, visiting member facilities, owners calling owners as "sounding boards" for ideas or problems, and improved visibility and importance in the industry.

Regular meetings, currently twice per year, and regular conference calls keep all companies up to date on industry changes and information.

Strategic PFD decisions have led each member to upgrade computer systems and internet access more rapidly.

Promotional ideas, management organization, communications, transportation, and vendor evaluation are all areas where member companies have made improvements through PFD membership.